The Complete Guide to Making Your Very Own Cornhole Set Ebook

The Complete Guide To Making Your Very Own Cornhole Set !

After numerous requests for a printable version of our website’s information, we’ve finally produced The Complete Guide To Making Your Very Own Cornhole Set!

This 39 page downloadable e-book features ALL the free information and detailed photos found on this site (in PDF format).  This includes basic information on:

  • Cornhole dimensions.
  • Building, painting, and bag supplies.
  • How to build your cornhole boards.
  • How to paint your cornhhole set.
  • How to make cornhole bags.
  • How to play cornhole.

In addition, it contains BONUS material such as….

  • How to apply a decal.
  • How to cut your hole with a hole saw or router.
  • How to seal your boards with a clear finish.
  • How to outfit your set for nighttime play.
  • Alternative tools that make your job easier.
  • Multiple woodworking tips.
  • Over 25 new photos detailing each and every step.

So what does this cost?  The purpose of our site is to help the do-it-yourselfer make their own quality cornhole set while keeping costs to a minimum.  So in an effort to stick with our overall goal we’re offering this valuable information for the low cost of $4.99.


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After purchase, you should be directed to a “Thankyou” page where you’ll receive some more information on your ebook. You’ll also receive 2 e-mails, one of which will contain the download link for the ebook. It should arrive in your inbox immediately after purchase. If nothing shows up, check your spam folder. If still nothing, please contact us and let us know.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the creation of this ebook with the hope it will be a valuable resource as you make your very own cornhole set.  Please let us know how things turn out, any recommendations you might have, and certainly any questions you have while making your set.  Enjoy!

(If you decide to postpone purchase you’re always welcome to use the contents of for FREE.  Our basic set of instructions has helped thousands of cornhole enthusiasts make their own cornhole set over the last several years.)


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